How Does Marriage Affect Auto Insurance Quotes

Getting married can have both positive and negative effects on your auto insurance quotes. Many reports and studies have revealed that tying the knot makes people more responsible. Marriage helps them become a safe and responsible driver thereby reducing the chances of accidents arising out of rash driving.

This is obviously good news for your car insurance company. The lower the accidents, the lesser the insurance firms will have to pay as compensations for the losses that you suffer. Hence, a married person is more likely to receive cheaper auto insurance quotes from insurance firms. This is a win-win situation for the insurer as well as the client.

However, this is not the only benefit that insurance agents foresee from an insurance client who is married. Another important aspect is that marriage can result in an increase in their business. Having you as their client may also mean that you will add your spouse to your insurance policy or at the least you may get another car insured from your auto insurance provider.

Of course they are not the same thing. Adding your spouse to your insurance policy means you are getting him or her insured whereas adding another vehicle to your policy would provide you the necessary coverage for that vehicle even when your spouse is driving it. But in either case the auto insurance company is profiting from your marriage. So, to them luring you in as their insurance customer by providing you additional benefits make perfect sense.

Sometimes, married couples consider moving in a new home that is closer to their workplace. This essentially reduces the number of miles that you have to drive which means lesser chance of an accident. This can boost your chances of renegotiating your policy contract and get lower auto insurance quotes.

Although in most cases getting married contributes positively towards the car insurance policy, it may not be so if your spouse has a bad driving record. Under such a scenario, it’s best not to add your spouse to your policy and instead have two separate policies. When unsure, you may consult an auto insurance specialist to access what would be the best option to get an inexpensive auto insurance.

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